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Unfurl your

inner power

Feel aligned with your purpose, in tune with your body’s wisdom and in harmony with nature’s sacred rhythms.


Listen gently...

Something deep within you is calling to be unearthed.

How would it be to say YES to this call? 

Your big, beautiful heart is driven to make this world a better place. You have immense passion and courage. But, lately you’ve been feeling out-of-balance or misaligned. You can feel an undercurrent of change that you can no longer ignore.

We’re at a time of grand remembrance. The Divine Feminine is (re)awakening within us all, creating a groundswell of transformational energy surging from the inside out.  It’s guiding you to dive within. But part of you feels unsure, nervous - I want to go deeper, but how? It can be hard to make sense of all that is shifting within and around you. It can feel daunting to dive into the unknown. It can feel scary to open up to the parts of yourself that are calling to be healed and transformed.

I know, because I’ve been there. And ever since I heeded the call to unfurl my inner power, I’ve been amazed about how much abundance, authenticity, connection, vitality and flow I’ve been able to welcome into my life!

Nothing would delight me more than to accompany you on this journey of homecoming. Whether you’re...

  • embarking on a new chapter

  • in search of more meaning or alignment in life

  • feeling worn down and are questioning the path you’ve been on

  • yearning to feel more connected with yourself or others

  • wanting to feel more at home in your body


I’m here to serve and guide you. 

You are not alone!

Hello lovely,

I'm Kathleen ~ 

yoga teacher, mother, moon gazer, menstruality enthusiast, and sexual and reproductive rights advocate, living in Dakar, Senegal.

I am passionate about guiding women home to themselves. I empower women to (re)discover their inner power, honour their bodies, and connect with sacred rhythms, so that, together we can create a more harmonious, sustainable, compassionate and vibrant world. I offer cyclically conscious yoga, pregnancy yoga, yoga nidra, meditation and sound healing to support women in different life stages. My teachings are accessible and adaptogenic - designed to meet students where they are in their respective journeys of healing and transformation. 


Interested in knowing more about my path?


Explore my offerings

My offerings weave together embodied practices that cultivate awareness of cyclical wisdom, helping you to reclaim your inner power.

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Luna Mystica Vinyasa


Yearning to find more flow? 


My weekly Vinyasa flow classes offer a holistic approach to yoga, steeped in the cyclical wisdom of the moon. Classes are methodically designed to attune to the energetics of the moon and seasonal cycles to help you restore harmony and reclaim your inner power. 

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Pregnancy Yoga


Do you want to experience pregnancy as a conscious and sacred journey? 

My 6-week pregnancy yoga programme can help you sink into the intuitive wisdom of your body and open up to an empowering experience of pregnancy and birth.

Kathleen Sect5-option1-offer3.jpg

Shakti Series



Shakti means ‘power’ and is the divine feminine force that pulses through all living beings. In this workshop series, we will move, breathe, feel, sense, meditate, rest, and express our way through an embodied journey of homecoming. 

She allowed us to discover the inner side of ourselves ...

I enjoyed every single class in front of the beautiful sea. Kathleen brought something special to her classes. She allowed us to discover the inner side of ourselves and to explore the connection of our bodies with the universe. Her classes brought calmness, self-awareness, gratitude and mindfulness - all of which helped me survive the challenging year of the global pandemic. Looking back, her classes cultivated something in my inner self that grew into stronger determination and resilience.


Kathleen is spontaneously beautiful inside and out. She is always so thoughtful and caring. And embraces and guides each student with an open heart, whether a beginner or advanced yogi. Her beautiful smile and well-researched & prepared yoga flows always amazed me. 

- Rinko Kinoshita

I was able to connect with my body and learn to be more present...

When I started practising yoga with Kathleen, I had just started a new and demanding job. I was in a high stress and constantly “doing” mode. Kathleen’s classes helped me to slow down, to feel strong and feel A LOT more open - energetically and physically. I was able to connect with my body and learn to be more present. 

I love how each of Kathleen’s classes is tailored to the moon cycles and the energies in the air. Her flows are unique and I feel that every class is carefully thought through. I love that we do prana work and yoga nidra in her classes as well. Overall it's my favourite vinyasa class!

- Monika Milinauskyte

I became aware of my breath and its healing powers...

I started practicing yoga with Kathleen during a difficult phase of my life with an unhealthy workload and lots of pressure. I was new to yoga and Kathleen’s knowledge, compassion and gentle encouragement helped me to learn how to listen in to my body.


Her classes always instilled peace and a sensation of letting go all troubles. I became aware of my breath and its healing powers. I gained confidence in my body and my strength, and slowly built autonomy in my practice. Her classes opened a big door for me and really helped me gain balance in my life. 

- Chloe Boreaniz

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