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Welcome to the sacred journey of pregnancy

Pregnancy yoga can help you unfurl the intuitive wisdom of your body and open up to an empowering experience of pregnancy and birth.


Experience pregnancy as a sacred, conscious and supportive journey

Let’s take a deep breath together and sigh it out… Aaaah!

Notice how your body starts to feel calmer. Let’s take another deep breath in and sigh it out. Notice how both the body and mind start to ease into the present moment. 


The harmony of breath, body and mind is the space from which all benefits of yoga flow.  Cultivating this state of harmony during pregnancy allows you to build an intuitive connection with the natural rhythms and power of your body. This connection is invaluable to consciously navigate the many (intense) changes that occur during pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period. 


Pregnancy Yoga with Kathleen

To nourish and empower you through the transformative journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood

Pregnancy Yoga with Kathleen includes:

  • Weekly pregnancy yoga classes that weave together carefully crafted sequences of adapted yoga postures (asanas), conscious breathing (pranayam), yogic pelvic floor practices, meditation, yoga nidra, mudra, chanting and deep relaxation.

  • A somatic and energetic exploration of specific themes to support and prepare you along your pregnancy journey (see weekly themes below).

  • Guidance on micro-practices to cultivate a conscious experience of pregnancy and motherhood.

  • Practical tips on how to prevent or mitigate common pregnancy-related discomforts.

Examples of weekly themes include:  

  • Cultivating presence

  • Honouring the pregnant body

  • Connecting with baby

  • Connecting with your inner (womb) wisdom

  • Unveil your guiding intention for pregnancy and birth (sankalpa)

  • Transform fear to meet your power

  • Preparing for labour and birth 


Pregnancy is a unique and wondrous time in life.

And it is a perfect time to practice yoga. Pregnancy yoga not only offers physical benefits to health and well-being, but also cultivates strength, presence, connection and awareness of your inner wisdom - all of which are invaluable as you prepare for labour, birth and beyond.


This programme is perfect for you if you’re pregnant and: 

  • Yearn to experience pregnancy in a deeply spiritual and transformative way.

  • Want to develop a positive relationship with your body and tap into its inner wisdom.

  • Want to go deeper within to a place of trust and faith in the natural unfolding.

  • Are looking for practices to support and nourish you along your pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey. 

  • Want to develop strength and mobility through movements adapted for different stages of pregnancy. 

  • Feel in need of deep rest and relaxation. 

  • Want to tap into and learn to trust your intuition. 

  • Want to connect with other pregnant women in a supportive community.

  • Open to experiencing a holistic approach to yoga that supports the energetic, emotional and spiritual aspects of pregnancy, in addition to physical benefits.


My pregnancy yoga classes are suitable both for women without any previous yoga experience, as well as those with an established practice. They are designed for women in their second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

Classes take place at Cocoon in Mermoz, Dakar. 

This pregnancy yoga classes are not a good fit if:

  • ​You are looking for a fitness class focused purely on physical benefits.

  • You are seeking private yoga classes.


  • Your healthcare provider has advised against yoga during your pregnancy. 

Ready to join?

Here's how...

  • Click on "contact" to let me know you're interested, ask any questions and confirm the dates of ongoing or upcoming sessions. 

  • Once you have registered, I will ask you to complete an intake form to get to know more about you, your pregnancy and your intentions for practising pregnancy yoga. 

  • I’ll then share all the details on how to prepare for your first class.

  • And so the journey begins… 


Your pregnancy journey with me will leave you feeling

  • Grounded, stable and strong in your body, and confident about how to listen to what it needs.

  • Nurtured, calm, revitalised and a sense of inner harmony. 

  • In tune with and trusting of your intuition.

  • An intimate and empowering connection with your pelvic floor. 

  • Able to soothe certain discomforts or tensions in your body or mind. 

  • Empowered to respond to the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual changes of pregnancy with more ease and comfort. 

  • ​Able to experience your pregnancy and birth consciously, supported by breathing, movement and meditative practices. 

  • ​A deepening connection with your baby. 

  • Supported by a circle of other pregnant women.


Payment options

Option 1

6-class package deal



Paid in cash or Orange Money on day of first class.

Best value and helps you to stay committed to your practice. 

If baby arrives before you use up all 6 classes, you will receive a voucher for post-natal classes or workshops.

Option 2

Drop-in price



Pay-as-you-go for individual classes.

Paid in cash or Orange Money on day of first class.

Feel energised, yet also peace and calm...

As soon as I started practising with Kathleen, I immediately felt at ease and welcome!
She respect everyone’s strengths and level. Her cues and guidance are clear and she shares useful tips on how to make adjustments. There is always a good balance between activation and relaxation. I always feel so energised after her classes, yet also at peace and calm.


If I had to describe her teaching in three words, they would be: passion, respect and energy.

— Somaya Akkouh

Signed up to stay healthy during pregnancy - what I got was so much more!

Kathleen guided me throughout my first pregnancy with the most nourishing and empowering yoga classes. I initially signed up for her class hoping to keep my body healthy during pregnancy – what I go was so much more!


Her classes helped me to deeply trust my body, to connect with my baby, to bring consciousness to my pregnancy, to experience deep peace and to prepare for my daughter’s birth with presence and openness. She is an exceptional teacher who shares so much wisdom and support.

— Aurore Rosier

I became aware of my breath and its healing powers

I started practising yoga with Kathleen during a difficult phase of my life with an unhealthy workload and lots of pressure. I was new to yoga and Kathleen’s knowledge, compassion and gentle encouragement helped me to learn how to listen in to my body.


Her classes always instilled peace and a sensation of letting go all troubles. I became aware of my breath and its healing powers. I gained confidence in my body and my strength, and slowly built autonomy in my practice. Her classes opened a big door for me and really helped me gain balance in my life. 

— Chole Boreaniz

of conscious pregnancy and birth?

Ready to join me on a journey

  • Can I join this class if I have never practiced yoga before?
    This is an open level class designed to meet students where they are on their respective yoga journeys. It is accessible to people who are new to yoga, as well as those with an established practice. If you have never practiced yoga before, please inform me ahead of time, so we can work together to set the foundations of your introduction to yoga.
  • Are these classes online or in-person?
    These classes are currently only in-person. If my classes go on-line, I will share updates here and in my social media channels.
  • What measures do you take to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19?
    Your health and wellbeing and that of your baby is my top priority. To reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus, the following measures are in place: Class size is limited to ensure sufficient distance between all mats Students are asked to bring their own mats. If you do not have a yoga mat, you can bring a towel or blanket. All props such as blocks and belts are sanitised before and after class. All students must wash or sanitise their hands before entering the practice space. Students are encouraged to wear a mask to class and while you are settling into your spot. Once you are settled, you can either practice with or without your mask. Students are asked to refrain from joining class if they feel in any way ill.
  • What language do the classes take place in?
    English is my mother tongue and also the language of my yoga training, so I am most comfortable teaching in English. However, if most of the students in the class are francophone, I will lead the class in French and provide English clarificationswhere necessary.
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