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Taking care of yourself is meant to feel guilt-free.

Inner Glow is a holistic approach to self-care and clean living.

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Lady, you've got enough on your plate.

Working long hours for that next promotion.


Googling “kid-friendly meals” every week. Thinking about the future of your family, and wondering– “How does my health factor into the Big Picture here?”


You might be starting to *seriously* consider your health and well-being, which is why you’ve been…


Cooking up new diets like keto that seem to work for everyone else (but honestly, they should be unique to your needs)


Trying out a different exercise routine (maybe it will work this time?)


But you’re bumping into the same roadblocks to prioritize your health, time and time again.

So, let’s imagine what your inner glow could feel like for a second. What if you could...

  • Understand exactly what’s triggering the symptoms you’ve been dealing with *forever*  (is dairy really the cause of your acne?)


  • Take real time for yourself that’s more than 10 minutes a day (to do the things only *you* want to do)


  • Say goodbye to feeling self-conscious about your body or your food choices (we’re not all the same, and that’s okay!)

  • Have a real plan of action that supports YOU, and only you (with the willingness to do things differently)

This is what I’ve been cultivating for YEARS. It’s become second nature and doesn’t deprive me of healthy and amazing food – totally possible! Sounds pretty awesome, right?


The Naturally Nora Approach

Together we’ll come up with a solid game plan to identify your needs. This is a high-touch, completely personalized program.


The Preconception Plan

A 12-week personalized program to help you optimize your health and fertility.

Our time together includes:

  • 12 hours of Coaching Support from me including 12 x 60-minute  online session coaching calls. All sessions are recorded for lifetime access.


  • Weekly Guidance with detailed step by step instructions following each consultation targeted to reach your goals. Including food and fitness diaries, progress trackers, checklists and symptomatology questionnaires so you can watch your progress and feel empowered.


  • Weekly Email accountability check-ins and access to me through voice note or messenger when you have any questions or are feeling stuck.

  • A thorough health intake to get a clear picture on your current state of overall and reproductive health so we can identify your weak areas and focus on how to improve them.

  • A Personalized Preconception Plan that suits the needs of YOUR body, health goals and lifestyle to optimize your fertility. 

  • Access to credible resources including personalized meal plans, recipes, step by step workout and yoga routines, menstrual tracking tools and more.

It’s no secret that fertility naturally declines

As we age, and this alone can be anxiety provoking enough to keep you in the mindset of fear and scarcity. You might be thinking about the consequences that this timeline has on your body and reproductive system. 


  • You’ve just started trying


  • You’ve been trying for 6 months or 3 years without a positive test


  • You’ve experienced the gut wrenching pain of miscarriage without any answers as to why your pregnancy isn’t sticking

  • You’re the ultimate planner and looking to get a head start on what you can do NOW before you start trying

  • You’ve already had your first or second baby, and now you’re like, ‘what happened?’ when suddenly growing your family is difficult this time around

This program is not for you if:

  •  ​You prefer to learn on your own. This is a high-touch program with a large 1:1 component


  • You prefer in-person appointments. This is a virtual preconception coaching program. Though we won’t be meeting physically, I will be with you every step of the way via our scheduled zoom calls and the course platform.

  • You’ve experienced the gut wrenching pain of miscarriage without any answers as to why your pregnancy isn’t sticking

  • Are already pregnant. Congratulations! This specific offer is all about preconception. If you’d like to discuss a pregnancy and post-pregnancy solution, don’t hesitate to contact me at

How it works:

  • ​ Once you’ve signed up for The Preconception Plan, you’ll receive an invitation to the program portal

  • Here, you’ll book your first call with me so we can do an assessment to create your customized plan

  • After the plan has been set, we’ll work together through the portal (and slack) to keep you on track


At the end of our 90-days together, you'll be:

  • Clear on how your body changes throughout YOUR menstrual cycle and ultimately know when you’re ovulating to get pregnant


  • Educated on and eating a preconception diet that stabilizes blood sugar, boosts your egg (and sperm) quality and optimizes your weight

  • Rid of or significantly minimized digestive issues to help boost your immune system and improve your gut health to enhance absorption of vitamins, minerals and key fertility nutrients

  • Taking the right KEY fertility supplements for you and your body

  • Well into your fitness plan feeling physically stronger and more flexible to help prep your body for pregnancy and birth

  • Feeling confident, empowered and mindful of your body and overall health to help you transition more effortlessly into the next phase of your life

Your investment:


4 Monthly Payments of



Payments start the day you register. An administration fee has been added to the 4-month payment plan.


One-time Payment of



No administration fees.

So… are you ready to boost your brand credibility and income?!

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  • Can I join this class if I have never practiced yoga before?
    This is an open level class designed to meet students where they are on their respective yoga journeys. It is accessible to people who are new to yoga, as well as those with an established practice. If you have never practiced yoga before, please inform me ahead of time, so we can work together to set the foundations of your introduction to yoga.
  • Are these classes online or in-person?
    These classes are currently only in-person. If my classes go on-line, I will share updates here and in my social media channels.
  • What measures do you take to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19?
    Your health and wellbeing and that of your baby is my top priority. To reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus, the following measures are in place: Class size is limited to ensure sufficient distance between all mats Students are asked to bring their own mats. If you do not have a yoga mat, you can bring a towel or blanket. All props such as blocks and belts are sanitised before and after class. All students must wash or sanitise their hands before entering the practice space. Students are encouraged to wear a mask to class and while you are settling into your spot. Once you are settled, you can either practice with or without your mask. Students are asked to refrain from joining class if they feel in any way ill.
  • What language do the classes take place in?
    English is my mother tongue and also the language of my yoga training, so I am most comfortable teaching in English. However, if most of the students in the class are francophone, I will lead the class in French and provide English clarificationswhere necessary.
From brand cringe to showing off with pride...

“Align has to be one of the best kept secrets in marketing. I've been in the digital industry 25 years and I have to tell you it's a very rare treat to find a firm as gifted, skilled and smart as Align Creative Minds. 


I came to them for a website overhaul and in just a few short weeks they helped me completely redesign my company's branding and website. I literally went from cringing every time I had to give out our URL to being proud to show off our new site.”

—Brock Poling, VP Marketing

200% increase in yoga teacher training attendance

“When I first opened my studio I worked with an award winning designer to create my brand. I quickly realized that they had no understanding of the yoga and wellness industry which was evident in the final design. I was disappointed and never felt as though it represented the unique essence of our studio.


Working with Align on our rebrand was a breath of fresh air. It was an efficient collaboration. Not only did they capture my vision they eat, breathe and sleep yoga… and just “get me”. And to top it off, when we launched the new brand and website we DOUBLED our yoga teacher training attendance.”

— Hana Lukac, Director and Yoga teacher, Mula Yoga

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Outdated to increased traffic...

"I was emotionally attached and nervous to let go of my outdated website until I found Align. I loved their style and knew I could trust them with my business brand and online presence. They worked their magic on my site. My old material was transformed and reframed in a captivating way that is aligned with the personality of my business. My website not only looks great, it also works beautifully (clean, simple and efficient) and is getting a lot more traffic. I’m truly grateful for their sharp perspective and fun, yet professional approach."

—Tamara Jacobi, Tailwind Jungle Lodge

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