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Yearning to find more flow?

Luna Mystica Vinyasa is a holistic approach to yoga, steeped in the cyclical wisdom of the moon, to help you restore harmony and reclaim your inner power.


through cyclical wisdom

Find your flow

Everything in nature is cyclical

Days turn to nights, the ocean tides rise and fall, and the seasons cycle from one to the next. As a part of nature, we too are also cyclical beings. Conscious awareness of nature’s cycles is the foundation of reclaiming our inner power. When we honour the rhythms of cycles in our bodies, in nature, and in the cosmos, we can come to know thyself in such exquisite and subtle ways, opening up to a sense of effortless ease and flow. 

My Luna Mystica Vinyasa flow classes are designed to attune to the cyclical wisdom of the moon in order to support your personal journey of healing and transformation. 


Luna Mystica Vinyasa

Weekly vinyasa flow classes to open up to your body’s inner wisdom

Each class is uniquely crafted with love and includes:

  • Cyclical wisdom: Classes are designed to align with the current lunar, elemental, and seasonal cycles. The unique and intentional design of each class allows you to attune to the energy of nature’s cycles to support your personal journey.


  • Carefully sequenced flows: Methodic sequencing will help you foster a deep connection with your body, while consciously building strength, improving mobility, calming the mind and cultivating inner peace.

  • Consciousness in motion: Linking the breath with intentional movement and awareness in a continuous flow, to create harmony and balance. 

  • An integrated practice: Weaving together pranayama (breathwork), asana (movement), mantra (sacred sound), mudra (symbolic gestures), meditation, deep relaxation and yoga nidra.


 It’s amazing what shifts you can experience when you align your yoga practice to the moon’s phases.


As the closest celestial body to the Earth, the moon’s cycle is particularly potent.  Each of the moon’s phases affects the Earth’s gravitational pull and emits a unique frequency.

The Moon represents our soul and our deep emotions. She represents the divine feminine, the unconscious, and intuition. When you consciously work with the moon, you can open up your  body, heart and mind to the incredible wisdom that resides deep within you. 


Luna Mystica vinyasa is perfect if you want to: 

  • Feel at home in your body.

  • Access and trust your intuition.

  • Unveil the wisdom that resides within you.  

  • Release tension from the body and mind.

  • Cultivate a yoga practice that not only offers physical benefits, but also enhances your energetic, emotional, and spiritual being. 

  • Learn how to better attune to and adapt to nature’s rhythms and cycles.

  • Feel strong, grounded, nourished and empowered. 

  • Connect with a community of other people who are seeking to go deeper.

  • Cultivate inner peace and harmony.

Luna Mystica vinyasa is not well suited for those who:

  • Are looking mainly for a physical workout and not interested in a holistic approach to yoga

  • Prefer to work with a fixed sequence of postures that is consistently repeated at every class.

  • Are seeking private classes. I currently run these as group classes. If you are interested in private classes, please contact me. 

Ready to flow with me?

Here's how...

  • Classes take place in Dakar, Senegal in a beautiful location by the sea at Lala Beach Club in Yof BCEAO.

  • Click on the “contact ” button to let me know you're interested. I'll confirm class days and times and am be happy to answer any questions you may have about the classes.

  • If you’re ready to say ‘yes’, we’ll book you in for your first class and then flow together!


Luna Mystica vinyasa will  leave you feeling:

  • Empowered with a deeper understanding of how natural cycles affect your body and your mind.

  • Confident on how to adapt your personal practice to best serve our needs.

  • Strong, centered and grounded. 

  • Refreshed, revitalised and vibrant.

  • More aware of how our inner landscape shapes the world around us, and of your immense power to co-create your reality. 

  • More in tune with your intuition.

  • Calm in the mind and at peace in your heart.

  • Supported and held by the community of fellow students and by the universe at large.


Payment options

Option 1

6-class pass



Valid for 2-months after your first class.

Paid in cash or Orange Money on day of class 

Best value and helps you to stay committed to your practice. 

Option 2

Drop-in class



Pay-as-you-go for individual classes.

Paid in cash or Orange Money on day of class 

I leave feeling refreshed, more grounded in myself and wonderfully sweaty!

Saturday morning class with Kathleen is such a beautiful oasis. I always look forward to putting aside whatever stressful things have happened in the past week, and just focusing on my breath, my body, and the fun shapes I can make with it. I love the careful thought that Kathleen puts into planning each class around a theme and how she combines yoga with astrology in a way that is both accessible and engaging. I leave feeling refreshed, more grounded in myself, and wonderfully sweaty!

- Natalie West

Able to connect with my body and learn to be more present...

When I started practising yoga with Kathleen, I had just started a new and demanding job. I was in a high stress and constantly “doing” mode. Kathleen’s classes helped me to slow down, to feel strong and feel A LOT more open - energetically and physically. I was able to connect with my body and learn to be more present. 

I love how each of Kathleen’s classes is tailored to the moon cycles and the energies in the air. Her flows are unique and I feel that every class is carefully thought through. I love that we do prana work and yoga nidra in her classes as well. Overall it's my favourite vinyasa class!

— Monika Milinauskyte

Feel so energised, yet also at peace...

As soon as I started practising with Kathleen, I immediately felt at ease and welcome! She respect everyone’s strengths and level. Her cues and guidance are clear and she shares useful tips on how to make adjustments. There is always a good balance between activation and relaxation. I always feel so energised after her classes, yet also at peace and calm.

If I had to describe her teaching in three words, they would be: passion, respect and energy.

— Somaya Akkouh


So, are you ready to find your flow?

  • Can I join this class if I have never practiced yoga before?
    This is an open level class designed to meet students where they are on their respective yoga journeys. It is accessible to people who are new to yoga, as well as those with an established practice. If you have never practiced yoga before, please inform me ahead of time, so we can work together to set the foundations of your introduction to yoga.
  • Are these classes online or in-person?
    These classes are currently only in-person. If my classes go on-line, I will share updates here and in my social media channels.
  • What measures do you take to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19?
    Your health and wellbeing and that of your baby is my top priority. To reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus, the following measures are in place: Class size is limited to ensure sufficient distance between all mats Students are asked to bring their own mats. If you do not have a yoga mat, you can bring a towel or blanket. All props such as blocks and belts are sanitised before and after class. All students must wash or sanitise their hands before entering the practice space. Students are encouraged to wear a mask to class and while you are settling into your spot. Once you are settled, you can either practice with or without your mask. Students are asked to refrain from joining class if they feel in any way ill.
  • What language do the classes take place in?
    English is my mother tongue and also the language of my yoga training, so I am most comfortable teaching in English. However, if most of the students in the class are francophone, I will lead the class in French and provide English clarificationswhere necessary.
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